ONE Water Street Becomes First Dual-Crane Construction Site in Kelowna

A sign of Kelowna’s growing status as a luxury home destination punctuated the city skyline on Thursday, March 21st as a second crane was erected at the ONE Water Street site after the construction schedule for the West Tower was moved up nearly one year due to strong demand. 

“It’s a definitely a first for Kelowna,” says Leonard Kerkhoff, President and CEO of Kerkhoff Construction. “No construction site in Kelowna has ever had two cranes working at the same time, on the same site, building the same project. It’s going to be a busy site, one to watch as the towers slowly start to take shape. We’re on schedule and will soon begin building both the East and West Towers nearly simultaneously with both cranes in operation.” 

Watch the video clip on Global TV: Dual Crane Construction